EESE 2/1998

Language and Culture -
an Analysis of a Chinese-German Conversation

Susanne Günthner (Konstanz)

Appendix: Transcription System Key

/ja das/ finde ich auch
/du ab/
conversational overlap
(0.5)pauses of indicated length (in seconds)
(-)pauses less than (0.3) seconds
(???)unintelligible text
(gestern)a guess at an unclear word
= continuous utterances
?high rise tone
'low rise tone
.low fall tone
,slight rise
a:lengthened segments
*leise*low volume
**sehr leise**very low volume
NEINextra prominence
+schneller+accelerated tempo
++viel schneller++very accelerated tempo
mo((hi))mentanlaugh particles within the utterance
HAHAHAloud laughter
((hustet))nonlexical phenomena (e.g.coughing).