EESE 2/1998

Language and Culture -
an Analysis of a Chinese-German Conversation

Susanne Günthner (Konstanz)

English transcriptions

Sample 1:


8 Yang: this is natural.
9 Andrea: this is NATURAL.
10 this is actually tradiTIONAL.

Sample 2:

49 Yang: you will so so you will perhaps say, I am very c conservat((HI))ive
50 /((HI))and/
51 Doris: /I/ will say a MAN / and you see it from /
52 Yang: /this is your opinion/
53 Doris: your MALE PERSPECTIVE.

Sample 3:


6Yang: yes like this. when when this problem is solved, then of course (0.3)
7 it is easier to DIScuss (0.3) [the other problem]
8Doris: [no. no. eh no. wait a minute]
10Doris: no. WAIT A MINUTE. eh:m eh eh for ME it's no problem,
11 for me it's CLEAR
12Yang: yes.
14 this is not a PROBLEM =
15Yang: =yes
16Tan: hihihi
17Doris: however, if YOU say, eh::: they are NOT equal, NATURALLY UNEQUAL,
18 then it is YOUR problem, but eh you understand,
19 this is nothing you can discuss.

Sample 4:

YANG 5ff.

58Tan: then (0.2) it also should'=
59Doris: = (......./...............)/
60Tan: /yes be done/ by one of them. YES'
61 either by the HUSBAND OR the WIFE
62Andrea: yes. and when the HUSBAND doesn't feel like doing it.
63 and the WIFE doesn't feel doing it
64 then the wife has to do it.

Sample 5:


92Tan: / yeah how / how can. - eh
93 his girlfriend can even earn MORE money
94 than /HE/
95Yang: /yes/ twice/ as much as I.
96Andrea: /(yes: ........)/
97Andrea: mhm.
98Tan: hihihihhhhhhhhhhh
99Andrea: and when you have children one day,
1 then it will be your girlfriend who INSPITE OF THIS will have to stay
2 at home. probably.
3 (0.3)
4Andrea: / normally /
5Doris: /or work/ TWICE AS MUCH

Sample 6:


22Yang: I must yes. ehm' yes SAY like this.
23 hihi I also find it NICE
24 ehm' COMFORTABLE yes. (-) eh I think so.
25 when' when I lateron come home from work yes
26 well=I=hihihi=mean=when later=in=the=future=yes
27 and then my' my hihi wife hihi is already at HOME
28 and has prepared dinner yes.
29Doris: and then it is REA:LLY COZY.
30 and YOU SIT in your chair,
31 and SHE SLAVES AWAY for you. (-)
32 well I do believe [that]
33Andrea: [hihihihi]
34Doris: all MEN think this is [just GREAT]
35Andrea: [of course.]

Sample 7:


1Yang: eh:m'::: I I I, I must must must say,
2 well in Germany the women's problem is'
3 eh' (-) well is eh is BIGGER than in China.

Sample 8:

YANG 24 a

67Doris: well /I/ don't quite UNDERSTAND
68Tan: /hm/
69Doris: WHY you say that eh in in China there are'nt any women's problems
70 the problem actually is the same it's just that
71 - eh:m' that it is HUSHED up much more.
72Yang: * not as bad as here*

Sample 9:

YANG 24 b

7Tan: and what is not good?
8Andrea: well I think, for example
9 he says there is no women's problem.
10 I say, there ARE problems.
11 but the women (-) don't do anything about it.
12 or:' (-) or they don't think /about them/
13Doris: /it is not/ made a public issue=
14Andrea: = ja. or don't talk about them

Sample 10:


45Yang: I I agree with your opinion. (-) that women REALLY we::ll we:ll
46 after they graduate from university or (-)we:ll ehm:
47 as a' adults they have less chances
48 or less opportunities' than men
49Doris: mhm
50Yang: and also the future (0.3) is not as marvellous as the men's.
51Doris: why do YOU say , (-) that that you think eh women have ENOUGH rights.
52 it' s enough. why DO [YOU SAY THIS?]
53Yang: [(...............)hihi]

Sample 11:


79Yang: this is from the traditional? or political?
80 (-) or' the (only) eh the (-) by nature
81 [(...)] I mean natural'
82Doris: [well] do you believe there is a NATURAL LIMITATION?
83 (0.7)
84Yang: I belie:ve (-) NOT, but I ((hi)) I must say, there is. (1.0) a bit.
85Doris: what do you mean by this?

Sample 12:

YANG 17 ff.

86Doris: this is not a natural difference in my [eyes]
87Yang: [mhm yes.] mhm
88Doris: where do YOU see NATURAL differences? (-)
89 because you mentioned something about natural differ[ences]
90Yang: [per]haps
91 I have these eh: (1.0) eh it's difficult to say
8Doris: [you] are now talking about purely physical?
9Yang: not physical eh now well
10Doris: concerning physical strength? *or what do you mean?*
11Yang: (not clear) for example the police
12Doris: POLICE?
13Yang: CRIMINAL investigators. this is not physical.
14Doris: no. this is NOT physical. but it does have to do' with
15 the status of women in the society.
16 MEN can represented as authoritative figures in the society
17 who have MORE to say than WOMEN.
18Yang: yes.
19Doris: and wh' THEN it becomes of course problematic
20 when there is such an UNequal concept of society ,
21 then then it becomes difficult to suddenly place WOMEN in the same position
22 as men (most of the time) but if men and women
23 had the same roles
24Yang: yes.
25Doris: so that eh' when a woman says something, it is treated just
26 AS (-) AUTHORITATIVE as when a man would say it
27Yang: yes.
28Doris: then it wouldn't be a problem.
29 this is a SOCIAL difference then
30 and not a (-) NATURAL.
31Yang: yes'hh((hi))'hh
32Doris: yes. I do think so. so. this is no difference then.
33 what what might be true is
34 [or what]/
35Yang: [and and also] I also think the
36 WAY OF THINKING of women and of men
37Doris: try it eh what kind of difference
38 is [this?]
39Yang: [way] of thinking.
40Doris: what kind of difference do you mean? (0.6)
41Doris: how women think, [how men (...) think]?
42Yang: [(..........................)]
43Tan: [ I believe that ] already (-) also (-) eh:
44 because of the tra(-)dition because of THE tradition or=something=like=that
45Doris: well [I]
46Yang: [per]haps because of [the tradion]
47Andrea: [well] women cannot
48Andrea: well women are not stup)der than men.
49Yang: no.( - )[this is right]
50Doris: [or think differently]
51Andrea: you mean they are more em[OTIONAL or what]
52Yang: [I believe eh ]
53Yang: sometimes in certain areas they are better than men.
54 and the MEN work better in certain areas
55 than [wo]men
56Andrea: [mhm]
57Doris: but this is also something that is
58 VERY STRONGLY determined by tradition
59 suppose women have ALWAYS worked in one area
60 then they DEVELOP their abilities in this area.
61 when I as a WOMAN have always worked in a typical MALE profession
62 then I develop the abilities,
63 which belong to this MALE PROFESSION=
64Yang: = and I I must say, for MEN there is no limit
65 for the, for the work. for the jobs. for women there is a limit.
66Doris: what sort of limit?
67Yang: for example (0.3) physical

Sample 13:


45Yang: I I agree with your opinion. (-) that women
46 REALLY we::ll we:ll
47 after they graduate from university or (-)we:ll ehm:
48 as a' adults they have less chances
49 or less opportunities' than men
49Doris: mhm
50Yang: and also the future (0.3) is not as marvellous as the men's.
51Doris: why do YOU say , (-) that that you think eh women have ENOUGH rights.
52 it' s enough. why DO [YOU SAY THIS?]
53Yang: [(...............)hihi]

Sample 14:


4Yang: they also have thought very little about this ++reflected on this++ THEREFORE
5 is it a little bit more (quiet) in China
6 concerning this problem. concerning the women's problem.
7 this might be. (0.2) we eh the' my /second/
8Andrea: /mhm/
9Yang: second second opinion. that is there is still a lot
10 a very lot to do for us. to improve very much from /now/
11Andrea: /mhm/
12 (0.5)
13Doris: mhm. well I think it is probleMATIC ehm: I
14 eh: because I eh it is' well' you might think
15 emancipation means (-) women and men become similar
16 and that women and men SHOULD BE the same
17 however THIS is not ema.cipation (-)
18 for me. emancipation means

Sample 15:


91Andrea: or they have to hh' (-) eh ++ I saw it in Tibet ++,
92 they have to cast stones,
93 bricks or'(-) EXACTLY the same
94 work as the men did.
95 (0.3)
96 when you NEED their work force,
97 then you say that women can do the SAME job.
98 (-) and when you don't WANT
99 /them/ then you say that they lack
1Tan: /mhm/
2Andrea: physical ENERGY. it' (-) eh you can look at other
3 /countries/
5Andrea: yes.
6 (0.2)
7 and to China.
8Tan: eh hi/hi/
9Yang: /ah yeah/ (-) what's your name?
10Andrea: Andrea.
11Yang: Andrea. ah.
12 (0.2)
13Andrea: mhm.I SAW IT it always depends,
14 when (0.2) when in a' country eh a lot of hard work needs to be done
15 due to the climate or so, then all people together
16 have to do ALL sort of work.

Sample 16:

YANG 30-32

1Yang:FIRST OF ALL we must discuss THIS problem=
2Doris:= well I would say, there is a natur[al equal]ity
3Yang: [and this problem]
4Yang:eh. natural equality.
6Yang:yes like this. when when this problem is solved, then of course (0.3)
7it is easier to DIScuss (0.3) [the other problem]
8Doris:[no. no. eh no. stop for a moment]
10Doris:no. WAIT A MOMENT. eh:m eh eh for ME it's no problem,
11for me it's CLEAR
14this is not a PROBLEM =
17Doris:however, if YOU say, eh::: they are NOT equal, NATURALLY UNEQUAL,
18then it is YOUR problem, but eh you understand,
19this is nothing you can discuss.
20MEN CLAIM /h' th[ey are] un' just a MOMENT, men claim
22Doris:they are DIFFerent that the na' that women b' by natural'
23eh b' by nature canNOT do certain things or can do other things BETTER,
24and this how they ACCOUNT for the fact, that they cut back on w' women's
25rights eh their (-) in certain areas
27Yang:well:: I: I: I believe, I have (-) THIS opinion
28(-) and eh eh I believe ALSO the other people ALSO
29perhaps have this opinion
30Doris:which opinion? that human beings,
31that women and men are /diff/erent
32Yang:/I belie'/
33Doris:by nature?
34Yang:of course there are of course differen- differences.
35(-) there are for example in sports (-)
36the the the eh the the women' s (-) records world records
37and the the men's records are different
38/this is (............concerning the body concerning the body....)
39Doris:/THERE ARE (-) I mean a female body and
40a male body are normally different
41Yang:I THINK we all know, that the the the differences between
42well the MALE body and eh' the womanly female body.
43we all know this. (-)
44I believe perhaps there are still OTHER differences
45Andrea:intellectual? /that they/
46Yang:/intellectual./ or something like that
47Andrea:but (-) /(I mean)/
48Yang: /and/ eh eh n (I want) perhaps hihi
49you will so so you might perhaps say that I am very c- conservat((HI))ive
51Doris:/I / will say you are a MAN /and have /
52Yang:/that is your opinion/
55Doris:*that's what I am saying*
58Yang:and (-) eh' (-) I mean also the:: for example eh the the female IN THE WORLD
59we say (-) eh the WOMAN is halfs HALF SKY eh HALF THE SKY.
61(-) this eh this is an image
62the this world is cordinated. has has to be cordinated,
63then we can have a GOOD life also good also he::: good future.
65Yang:this is also I believe this is reason also from NATURALLY.
66this is from NATURALLY a principle
68Yang:therefore I must say if men and women are TOTALLY alike. (0.3)
69this is (0.5) unthink[able.]
70Andrea:[no but]