EESE 7/98

Lingua Franca English
Characteristics of successful non-native-/ non-native-speaker discourse

Christiane Meierkord (Erfurt)

Key to Transcription Symbols

verbal utterances
turnsText, text.
back channelsmhm, yeah
hesitation phenomenaehm, uh
phonemic transcriptions(/estu:ard/)
increased loudnessTEXT
emphasised speechtext
lengthened vowelte:xt
spoken while laughing@text
cut-off turnte-
re-organised turnte/ Text, text.
brief pauses (up to 2 secs.).., ...
long pauses(5s), (3m25s)
transcription not possible(      )
assumed transcription(text)
comments((      ))
simultaneous speech:
simultaneous speech indicator{{
boundaries of simultaneous speech[      ]
[2      2]
[3      3]