EESE 3/99
The Athenaeum, no. 2418 (28 February 1874), 302:

In justice to the author, we have quoted a few of the verses which, thanks to the interpretation, failed to produce any effect. Of the lines spoken by Mrs. Rousby scarcely a tithe reached the audience. Those which were heard were spoken without emphasis, and almost without expression. A few graceful movements, and a beautiful appearance, were all that Mrs. Rousby brought to a part that any actress might court. Not for one moment was she queenly or passionate. Mr. Rousby made Knox a very comic gentleman indeed, a hopelessly incorrect pronunciation of Scotch adding to the drollery. It would be better, indeed, to cut out the Scotch dialect altogether; it is certainly not needed. Mr. Harcourt is quite unsuited to the part of Chastelard, which demands an actor of the Fechter stamp, as Knox demands one of the stamp of Mr. Phelps. Mr. Darley gave an acceptable portraiture of Rizzio, which stood out from the canvas with much boldness and effect. A complete re-consideration of the play on the part of the actors, with some change in the cast, is necessary, if a work of high quality is not, in spite of merits rare now on the stage, to be doomed.