Table of Contents - EESE 2000

  1. "What's the matter, Trevor? Scared of something?"
    Representing the Monstrous-feminine in Candyman

    Andrea Kuhn (Erlangen)

  2. Fearing the Future: Dystopian Social Spaces
    in 20th Century American Women's Speculative Fiction

    Donna Spalding Andréolle (Grenoble)

  3. Orientalism: The Romantics' Added Dimension;
    or, Edward Said Refuted

    Naji Oueijan (Notre Dame University, Zouk Mikayel, Lebanon)

  4. "Such a Vision of the Street as the Street Hardly Understands":
    Jonathan Swift, T.S. Eliot, and the Anti-Pastoral

    Carlton Clark (Texas Women's University)

  5. The Language of Poetry and Advertising -
    an Interdisciplinary Teaching Project at Hamburg University

    Martin Klepper/Ingrid Piller (Hamburg)

  6. English as a Global Language: the Case of the European Union
    Jörg Witte (Erlangen)

  7. Metaphorical and Interactional Uses of Silence
    Karlfried Knapp (Erfurt)

  8. Radical Constructivism:
    Is There a Sound Basis for Foreign Language Teaching?
    - A Refutation of the 'Wolff-Wendt' Theorem

    Marcus Reinfried (Erfurt)

  9. The Progress of Beauty: Swift's Passionate Take on Women
    Suzanne Poor (Seton Hall University)

  10. Clever Dogs and Nimble Spaniels: On the Iconography of Logic, Invention, and Imagination
    Karl Josef Höltgen (Erlangen)