Table of Contents - EESE 2001

  1. Anne Finch Surveys Womankind
    Joyce Cornette Palmer (Texas Woman's University)

  2. Website-Interpretation: Questions and Problems.
    Thomas Kühn (Berlin)

  3. The Matrix Problem I: The Matrix, Mind and Knowledge
    Karl Hepfer (Erfurt)

  4. The Matrix Problem II: The Human Survives. Virtual Reality and the Liberal Tradition
    Fritz-Wilhelm Neumann (Erfurt)

  5. Internet Teaching. The Humboldt University Workshop
    Guest Editor: Thomas Kühn (Berlin)

  6. "Caring for the careless,"
    Or: Rearranging a Literary Masquerade - Gertrude Stein's "Four Lives"

    Helmut Schwarztrauber (Erfurt)

  7. The "Metaphysicals": English Baroque Literature in Context
    Rolf P. Lessenich (Bonn)

  8. "Woefully deficient in knowledge of Costume & manners": Scott's English Predecessors
    Frauke Reitemeier (Göttingen)

  9. The Revolutionary Role of Venus Athena and Other Goddesses in
    "Cadenus and Vanessa"

    Suzanne Poor (Seton Hall University)