Table of Contents - EESE 2005

  1. Black South African Englishes - Towards a Variationist Account
    Christiane Meierkord (Erfurt)

  2. "... Not just looking at everything through one set of filters":
    An Interview with Sue Caro, Senior Manager at the BBC Diversity Centre

    Eva Ulrike Pirker (Freiburg)

  3. "Think different": (Re)viewing the Dialectic of White/Indian Relations in Tim Burton's Mars Attacks!
    Donna Spalding Andréolle (Grenoble)
    Susanne Berthier-Folgar (Grenoble)

  4. Paradise regained? - Filming Conrad's Victory as a Means of Coming to Terms with Germany's Past
    Herbert Klein (Berlin)

  5. Alliance, Filiation, and Gay's Farewell to Merry Olde England in The Beggar's Opera
    Debra Leissner (Arlington, Texas)

  6. War and Britishness after 1945: Narrating Bosnia
    Barbara Korte (Freiburg)

  7. Meaning is Meanings and the Semantics of Social Humanism:
    A Study of Arthur Miller's The Death of a Salesman and All My Sons
    Arunachalam Angappan
    (Hadhramount University, Republic of Yemen)

  8. Native Speakers of Slovene and Their Translation of Collocations from Slovene into English: A Slovene-English Empirical Study
    Marjeta Vrbinc (Lubljana)