Table of Contents - EESE 2006

  1. Three Circles of Academic Hell?
    How the European model of educational cycles will reform, reshape and refocus Humboldt's university
    Reinhold R. Grimm (Jena)

  2. Medieval Scholarship in Englische Studien.
    Part I: Eugen Kölbing and the Foundational Period (1877-1899)
    Richard Utz (University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls)

  3. Peculiarities of the Communicative Approach in Teaching English
    Linas Selmistraitis (Vilnius)

  4. The English Landscape Garden of the Eighteenth Century
    and the Role of Literature
    Heinz-Joachim Müllenbrock (Göttingen)

  5. "Welcome to the free for all, the smash and grab, the freeloaders’ ball":
    The Thatcher Years in Martin Amis’ Money: A Suicide Note and the Songs of New Model Army
    Florian Niedlich (Würzburg)

  6. The Importance of Comedy: A Survey of Criticism on Wildean Wit
    Stephanie Dumke (Hohenheim/Madrid)