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V.i.S.d.P.: Prof. Dr. Fritz-Wilhelm Neumann
Philosophische Fakultät der Universität Erfurt
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D-99089 ERFURT

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Invitation to produce papers:
We are inviting you to give a contribution to an enterprise designed as a new mode of academic communication. EESE welcomes contributions in the areas mentioned above.

Style Sheet:
EESE supports the following formats: references in brackets as well as footnotes in accordance with the MLA style sheet. Footnotes will be embedded in a hypertext system. Submissions should be made in electronic form on diskette or by e-mail. Video materials are welcome.

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A complete set of EESE (1995-2004) archived on CD-ROM (including a browser) may be obtained by subscription to

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"Shakespeare's mind enhancing the spectacular sites of faith and learning in Erfurt, Thuringia."
Erfurt University was founded in 1392, closed down in 1816 and reopened in 1994.