EESE 7/1998

Shakespearean Resources on the Internet

Anja Beinroth/Doris Feldmann (Erlangen)

In view of the current debate about Shakespeare and the new media as well as the growing number of computerized Shakespeare resourcesresources 1, it seems convenient to give an overview over electronic Shakespeare material available to Shakespeare scholars and students via the Internet. The present article aims to provide a detailed, annotated bibliography of Shakespearean Web Sites. Additionally, we will present the multimedia version of a Shakespeare play on CD-ROM and supply practical advice for its use. Feedback on the usefulness and practical application of the various hypermedia Shakespeares from the perspective of other users would be appreciated.

1. Discussion lists

There is a Shakespeare mailing list (SHAKSPER), information about which can be found on the WWW at the following site:

There is also a Usenet newsgroup:


Some of the Websites also offer space for queries and discussion. Most of the posts are requests for help with coursework, essays and suchlike, though some encourage wider-reaching discussion. Here are some typical postings:

Q: Does Hamlet LOVE Ophelia?

The attitudes of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth toward the murder of Duncan.

     Laertes: What's in a name?
>I'm curious if anyone has a thought about why the name
>Laertes (king of the Ithakans and father of Odysseus) is given
>to Polonius' son. It's not exactly a name that you just pull
>out of thin air, but what is its significance?   <Carrie

>I wonder is there anybody can give me some idea on Hamlet's Act I
>Scene I. II. III,
>question need help:
>1. Why preparations for war are being made?
>2. What philosophy King Claudius tries to impart to Hamlet to ease
>his suffering?
>3. The advice Polonius gives to Laertes.

>If anyone can help, U can either post in the newsgroup or send me
>e-mail at
>Thanks for million!

2. World Wide Websites
(including details for WWW discussion lists)