Writing for the Web: A Primer for Librarians

by Eric H. Schnell


The creation and maintenance of the Web documents and resources is the most time consuming aspect of managing a library World-Wide Web service. Although the structure and content of these resources vary by library, it is important all participants in library Web projects know the concepts and terminology associated with creating documents and resources for Web distribution. This document is not an in-depth HTML guide, but is instead a general introduction to Web resource creation. Newer technologies are briefly described and references to other resources are provided. An interactive glossary of terms associated with the Web is also included.

The Author
Eric H. Schnell, M.L.S. is an Assistant Professor and Head, Automation Services at the Prior Health Sciences Library at The Ohio State University, 376 W. 10th Ave., Columbus, OH, USA 43210. 614-292-4870.

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