Writing for the Web: A Primer for Librarians

by Eric H. Schnell


The Author
Eric H. Schnell, M.L.S. is an Assistant Professor and Head, Automation Services at the Prior Health Sciences Library at The Ohio State University, 376 W. 10th Ave., Columbus, OH, USA 43210. 614-292-4870.

1995-1999. Permission to copy the content of this document is automatically granted for non-commerical educational use. Please e-mail the author (schnell.9@osu.edu) a brief note about how the document will be used. Permission for commercial use of the content, including seminars where a fee is charged, must be obtained in advance.

Web sites this document is referenced:
  • Current Cites 6(6) , June 1995
  • DutchESS, the Dutch Electronic Subject Service, which indexes Internet resources, selected on quality and relevance for the academic community
  • International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
  • Internet Trend Watch for Libraries
  • Library of Congress (LOC)
  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM)
Revision History:

Sixth Revision: January 1999
Fifth: May 1998
Fourth: July 1997
Third: February 1997
Second: May 1996
First: January 1996
Initial Version: June 1995

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