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Featured Collection: NIH Data Sharing Repositories, a comprehensive list of NIH-supported data repositories that make data accessible for reuse.


Image source: Brochure available from the Pediatric MRI Data Repository website.



[ Editorial ] Virtuous Cycle
By Laurence Lannom, Corporation for National Research Initiatives


[ Guest Editorial ] Current Research on Mining Scientific Publications
By Drahomira Herrmannova and Petr Knoth, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University



[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Rhetorical Classification of Anchor Text for Citation Recommendation
By Daniel Duma and Ewan Klein, University of Edinburgh; Maria Liakata and James Ravenscroft, University of Warwick; Amanda Clare, Aberystwyth University


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Temporal Properties of Recurring In-text References
By Iana Atanassova, Centre Tesniere, University of Franche-Comte, France and Marc Bertin, Centre Interuniversitaire de Rercherche sur la Science et la Technologie (CIRST), Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] The Impact of Academic Mobility on the Quality of Graduate Programs
By Thiago H. P. Silva, Alberto H. F. Laender, Clodoveu A. Davis Jr., Ana Paula Couto da Silva and Mirella M. Moro, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Preliminary Study on the Impact of Literature Curation in a Model Organism Database on Article Citation Rates
By Tanya Berardini and Leonore Reiser, The Arabidopsis Information Resource; Ron Daniel Jr. and Michael Lauruhn, Elsevier Labs


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Measuring Scientific Impact Beyond Citation Counts
By Robert M. Patton, Christopher G. Stahl and Jack C. Wells, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] An Analysis of the Microsoft Academic Graph
By Drahomira Herrmannova and Petr Knoth, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Scraping Scientific Web Repositories: Challenges and Solutions for Automated Content Extraction
By Philipp Meschenmoser, Norman Meuschke, Manuel Hotz and Bela Gipp, University of Konstanz, Germany


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Quantifying Conceptual Novelty in the Biomedical Literature
By Shubhanshu Mishra and Vetle I. Torvik, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Capturing Interdisciplinarity in Academic Abstracts
By Federico Nanni, Data and Web Science Research Group, University of Mannheim, Germany and International Centre for the History of Universities and Science, University of Bologna, Italy; Laura Dietz, Stefano Faralli, Goran Glavaš and Simone Paolo Ponzetto, Data and Web Science Research Group, University of Mannheim, Germany


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