EESE 7/98

Lingua Franca English:
Characteristics of successful non-native-/ non-native-speaker discourse

Christiane Meierkord (Erfurt)


Example 1

        1     {{Shiraz:        Hello Michael.

        2     {{Anja:              Hello Michael

        3     Meong Hee: Hi.

        4                   (19 s)

        5     Shiraz:  (So Mrs. White is gonna give the) official news

        6     Shiraz:    today. (...) Huh?

        7     {{Anja:       The official new price after refurbishment.               @@

        8     {{Shiraz:                 Refurbishment.@@


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Example 2

        1        Anja:                What did she put inside? ... Apricots?

        2        Tsu:                Peaches.

        3        Anja:                Not bad.

        4        Karwan:        I think it's peach.

        5        Tsu:                Peaches.

        6                        (1m 40s)

        7        Tsu:                Right. I finish this. Too sweet.

        8                        (18s)

        9        Tsu:                See you everyone.

        10        Torben:        ((clears his throat))

        11        Karwan:        Yeah.

        12        Anja:                See you.

        13                        (1m 6s)

        14        Karwan:        OK. See you.

        15        Torben:        See you.

        16        Anja:                See you.


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Example 3

        1        Maria:        And(.)as well(..)I(.)I must ehm/.With their dog

        2        Maria:        (..)ehm to the park. (..)Uhm run(.)with the

        3        Maria:        dog. I love to run. I li/ I love to uhm like

        4        Maria:        sports.

        5        Meong Hee:        uhum.

        6        Maria:        But eh(.)every morning. Ooi.

        7                        @@@@@@@@


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Example 4

        1        Hashif:        And why do you/ Why do you have to take this

        2        Hashif:        exam .. then?

        3        Ibo:                Eve:ry .. every doctor who's from overseas, who's

        4        {{Ibo:        not from an EEC country [ .. ]has to take it. So,

        5        {{Hashif:                                        [Uhuh].

        6        Ibo:                if you're from: Germany, you don't have to take

        7        Ibo:                it, but you take an exam for English alone.

        8        Anja:        Mhm.

        9        Ibo:                Once you're from an EEC country.

        10        Hashif:        Mhm.

        11        Ibo:                But I think the other countries exempted are

        12        {{Ibo:        some universities in SOUTH Africa [.. ]and in

        13        {{Hashif:                                      [Mhm].

        14        Ibo:                New Zealand.

        15        Hashif:        Mhm.


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Example 5

        1        Abdul:        We have (      ) notions for everyone. There is

        2        Abdul:        a younger then just/ .. there's another word for/

        3        Abdul:        ... another word. Keeps on changing.

        4                        (7s)

        5        {{Anja:        So it can be very embarrass[ing for]-

        6        {{Shiraz:                           [Have you got]/ have you

        7        Shiraz:        bought fruit from that eh shop? Ever?

        8        Shiraz:        The shop next to post office?

        9        {{Anja:        Eurolanka? [Uh uh].

        10        {{Shiraz:                     [Did you]?

        11        Abdul:        I-

        12        Shiraz:        Nawaz?


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Example 6

        1        Hashif:        What happened if you don't attend these dinners?

        2        {{Hashif:        [Is it compul]sory?

        3        {{Tsu:                        [Oh, you cannot be ca]/  Yeah. It's

        4        Tsu:                compulsory. You cannot be called to the bar. And you

        5        Tsu:                cannot sit for exams.

        6        Hashif:        (          ) For bar(     )?

        7        Tsu:                Yeah. .. Barrister's exam. You cannot/ cannot

        8        Tsu:                sit for exams. You must eat/ eat at least

        9        {{Tsu:        twelve dinners[ be]fore you can sit for the ( [ ]).

        10        {{Shiraz:                  [I know].          [Uh].

        11        Hashif:        It's compulsory.

        12        Tsu:                Yuh. Ridiculous regulation.


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Example 7

        1        Ibo:                It's the same thing everywhere in Africa. It's

        2        {{Ibo:        true. [..] Once you have a fever in Africa,

        3        {{Mina:                        [Yeah].

        4        {{Ibo:                actually .. in the tropics, [... it's malaria]

        5        {{Mina:                                             [But the thing is]/

        6        Ibo:                and it doesn't respond to treatment.

        7        Anja:        Mhm.

        8        Ibo:                So in my country, once you have a fever, .. I

        9        Ibo:                mean everybody assumes it's malaria first of

        10        {{Ibo:        all. [So what you do is just] .. go to a chemist

        11        {{Mina:                [Yeah, but the thing is]/

        12        {{Ibo:        and .. [buy a drug].

        13        {{Mina:                [in some]/   some places it/ it's endemic,

        14        {{Mina:        you know,[ i]t's in you. So, you don't even need

        15        {{Ibo:                           [Yeah].

        16        Mina:        to be treated for it.


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Example 8

        1        Meong Hee:        Ooh. I'm really full.

        2        Steffan:                Mmh.

        3                                (4s)

        4        Steffan:                Sometimes we go there

        5        Meong Hee:        Hm?

        6        Steffan:                When I'm at work. And the group I'm working

        7        Steffan:                 goes for lunch together.

8 Meong Hee: Yeah. 9 Steffan: And sometimes we go to Chinese restaurant. 10 Meong Hee: Mhm. 11 Steffan: Afterwards we can't move anymore. 12 Meong Hee: @@ Yeah. _______________________________________________________

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Example 9

        1        Meong Hee:        What are you doing today?

        2                                (6 s)

        3        {{Anja:                In the morning (3 s) there is an

        4        {{Meong Hee:                                @

        5        Anja:                exhibition of ... old ... classical cars.


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Example 10

        1        Tsu:                If I don't wake up tomorrow, right, you know

        2        Tsu:                what happened.

        3                        (10s)

        4        Anja:        But, you don't have any water in your unit?

        5        Anja:        Nothing, or-

        6        Tsu:                @No. My unit, it's not that special, you see.


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Example 11

        1        Ibo:                It's a dream come true, isn't it.

        2        Mina:        Mhm.

        3        Ibo:                I mean, I rather specialize in women .. than

        4        Ibo:                in men.

        5        Hashif:        No, but e:h your degree wasn't accepted here.

        6        {{Hashif:        The Nigerian [degree.]

        7        {{Ibo:                          [U:h, sh]ut up! You know it is. Why

        8        Ibo:                you're pulling my legs?

        9        Hashif:        I mean, somebody told me, Nigerian degree is

        10        Hashif:        not accepted.


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