Table of Contents - EESE 1997

  1. The Problem of Memoria and Virtuoso Sensibility
    in Sir Thomas Browne's The Garden of Cyrus

    Arno Löffler (Erlangen)

  2. "Black Venus"
    - Jeanne Duval and Charles Baudelaire Revisited by Angela Carter
    Susanne Schmid (Berlin)

  3. Rhetoric in English Baroque Literature
    Rolf Lessenich (Bonn)

  4. Gothic.
    Gothicism in Postmodern Anglo-American Narratives and Media

    Hans-Ulrich Mohr (Dresden)
    *** multimedia file (400 K) ***

  5. Speaking of Speech Acts
    Friedrich Lenz (Passau)

  6. Prepositional Atributes:
    Syntax or Semantics? Grammar or Lexicon?

    Stefan Schierholz (Göttingen)

  7. Content-based Business English Curricula:
    Retrospective reflections, current considerations and prospective proposals
    for business and academic purposes in European higher education.

    Richard J. Alexander (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration)

  8. A.S. Byatt's Possession for British and American Readers
    Helge Nowak (Regensburg)
    *** multimedia files ***

  9. "I'm very keen on tea and Shakespeare."
    An Interview with Tibor Fischer

    Gerd Bayer (Erlangen)

  10. "Culture is not contained, it's all over the place."
    An Interview with Romesh Gunesekera

    Hans-Georg Erney (Erlangen)