Table of Contents - EESE 1998

  1. The Aesthetics of Ethical Reflection and the Ethical Significance of Aesthetic Experience:
    A Critique of Alasdair MacIntyre and Martha Nussbaum

    Rüdiger Bender (Erfurt)

  2. Language and Culture -
    an Analysis of a Chinese-German Conversation

    Susanne Günthner (Konstanz)

  3. 'Putting it mildly':
    The Interrelation between Adverbs of Manner and Adverbs of Degree

    Rolf Herwig (Jena)

  4. "Goodbye England's Rose":
    Princess Diana, the Monarchy, and Englishness

    Silvia Mergenthal (Konstanz)
    *** multimedia file ***

  5. "Where death becomes absurd and life absurder":
    Literary Views of the Great War, 1914-1918

    Rolf P. Lessenich (Bonn)

  6. Aspects of Watchfulness and Command in the 1590s Military Camp
    and Shakespeare's Henry V

    Nina Taunton (Twickenham)

  7. Lingua Franca English:
    Characteristics of Successful Non-native-/ Non-native-speaker Discourse

    Christiane Meierkord (Erfurt)
    *** multimedia file ***

  8. Graham Swift, Ever After: A Study in Intertextuality
    Hannah Jacobmeyer (Münster)

  9. Joseph Conrad's "The End of the Tether": An Old Man's (Rite of) Passage
    Holger Nüstedt (Göttingen)

  10. The Promotion of Explicit and Implicit Learning Strategies in English Instruction:
    a Necessary Aim?

    Claudia Finkbeiner (Kassel)