Table of Contents - EESE 1999

  1. 'Turning the Telescope in the Other Direction':
    Four Interviews with Post-Colonial Travel Writers.
    (Pico Iyer, Frank Delaney, Dan Jacobson, and Dervla Murphy)

    Kati Stammwitz (Chemnitz)

  2. "Where death becomes absurd and life absurder": Literary Views of the Great War 1914-1918
    Rolf P. Lessenich (Bonn)
    - Multimedia Database -

  3. The Representation of Mary Stuart in Nineteenth-Century British Drama:
    A Comparative Analysis of Conflicting Images

    Merle Tönnies (Bochum)
    - Multimedia Database -

  4. Textual Cinema and Cinematic Text: The Ekphrasis of Movement in Adam Thorpe and Samuel Beckett
    H. Martin Puchner (New York)

  5. Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan and the Question of Genre
    Herbert G. Klein (Berlin)

  6. English Valency Structures:
    A First Sketch

    Thomas Herbst (Erlangen)

  7. Thomas Britton, the "Musical Smallcoal-Man", Paragon of Englishness
    Arno Löffler (Erlangen)

  8. The Preacher's Helper:
    A Computerised Version of Letsome's Preacher's Assistant

    Françoise Deconinck-Brossard (Paris)