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Natalie Bostelmann :
An examination of the influence of marketing organisations on animal health and meat quality of fattening pigs on the basis of collected slaughter check results, pH-values and meat temperature of the ham
Untersuchungen über den Einfluß von Vermarkterorganisationen auf die Tiergesundheit und Fleischqualität von Mastschweinen anhand der am Schlachtbetrieb erhobenen Organbefunde, pH-Werte und Schinkenkerntemperaturen

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The aim of the study is to review the influence of different forms of production (meat label programme, conventional pig rearing) on the health and on the meat quality of pigs.
The structures of the producers, the influence of compulsory measures, as for example breeding programmes, maintenance and transport conditions, were taken into consideration.
71.068 fattening pigs from 110 farms were examined at the abattoir.
The health and meat quality from two different marketing (producer) organsitions (PIQ 1 and PIQ 2) were compared with that of pigs coming from farms without any meat label programme (PIQ 0).
From the frequency of pathological organs in the pigs of farms producing quality label meat (PIQ 1 and PIQ 2) it was clear that compared with the pigs of the producers belonging to PIQ 0 these had not achieved their aim of permantently improving the health of the stock and therefore increasing the quality of the product.
The comparison of the meat quality in the three groeups shows that the animals from the meat label programmes (PIQ 1 and PIQ 2) clearly produce meat of better quality than the carcasses from the producers without a meat label programme (PIQ 0).
This study shows that meat label programmes, by means of specific guide-lines, exerts an insignificant positive influence on the health of fattening pigs but, however, they are no guarantee for good animal health for the consumer.

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Online available: http://www.diss.fu-berlin.de/2000/135/indexe.html
Language of PhDThesis: german
Keywords: pigs; animal health; slaughter check; marketing organisation; meat quality
DNB-Sachgruppe: 34 Veterinärmedizin
Date of disputation: 28-Aug-2000
PhDThesis from: Fachbereich Veterinärmedizin, Freie Universität Berlin
First Referee: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard von Mickwitz
Second Referee: Univ.-Prof. Reinhard Fries
Third Referee: Dr. Eberhard Uecker
Contact (Advisor): NBostelmann@t-online.de
Date created:14-Dec-2000
Date available:22-Dec-2000


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