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Cem Dalaman :
Turkey in its modernization phase as escape country for german refugees
Die Türkei in ihrer Modernisierungsphase als Fluchtland für Deutsche Exilanten

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Without justification the study of the emigration into Turkey was underestimated in the last 20 years, because Turkey took up not only a qualitatively considerable part of the refugees scientists in the 30's. but at it can also be studied the completely specific conditions of a country at the threshold to the western modern trend. The contradictory Turkish policy of this time belongs to the basic conditions of the occupation with this topic. As the kemalistic guidance of the country used the emigrants partly than "academic development aids", it came after 1933 to a more or less planned culture synthesis. The available thesis concerns itself with the effects and the duration of this synthesis. Except the representation of the history of the German emigration in Turkey, it is a paper over modernization strategies, the instrumentalization of the science and scientists, the repression of intellectual ones, in addition, over the German-Turkish relations of the 20. Century. After a description of the structure, the mode of operation and the term clarifying, the thesis concerns itself with historical-political connections under the aspect of the German-Turkish relations of this time. The third section describes science disciplines, which were brought up or were developed by emigrated Germans in Turkey. Representatives of special sciences , their sphere of activity and career/development, also after their later return to the Federal Republic, are explained. The fourth section is occupied with 4 selected, very different persons. On the basis of their career samples, discipline stories and personal experiences a politically explosive and contradictory phase is examined. The last but one section mentions the nameless and underprivileged refugees: everything in front Jew from the Balkans. The conclusion section asks the question whether modernization actually means the end of the repression. The occupation with the history of Turkey is here contributed of taboos even. If one wants to learn however from history, also questions are to be cleared up for the continuity of the repression and to discords. There is a neuralgic point in each system, which causes contraction and implosion during contact in each system. I see my work in this connection as a beginning.

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1. Titel
2. Inhaltsverzeichnis
3. Vorbemerkung
4. Erstes Kapitel
5. Zweites Kapitel
6. Drittes Kapitel
7. Viertes Kapitel
8. Fünftes Kapitel
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Online available: http://www.diss.fu-berlin.de/2001/57/indexe.html
Language of PhDThesis: german
Keywords: emigration turkey nationalsocialism modernism exile
DNB-Sachgruppe: 16 Politik
Date of disputation: 10-Jul-1998
PhDThesis from: Fachbereich Politik- u. Sozialwissenschaft, Freie Universität Berlin
First Referee: Prof.Dr. Elmar Altvater
Second Referee: Dr.Hubertus Buchstein
Contact (Author): sc_dinks@compuserve.com
Date created:10-Apr-2001
Date available:26-Apr-2001


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