Table of Contents - EESE 2007

  1. Forty Years Since: Rereading Ray Smith's 'Cape Breton is the Thought-Control Centre of Canada'
    Wolfgang Hochbruck (Freiburg i. Br.)

  2. Toni Morrison's Love: Narrating a World of One's Own Making
    Hans-Wolfgang Schaller (Erfurt)

  3. A Stylometric Approach to Investigate the Role and Nature of Power in Hard Times and Pride and Prejudice
    Mohammad Mohseni Far (Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz, Iran)

  4. Nature Choreographed - The 18th Century Garden as a Knowledge-generating Feature
    Anne-Louise Sommer (Denmark's Design School, Copenhagen)

  5. A Question of Honour: De/constructing Male Identities in Chinua Achebe's Tetralogy
    Herbert G. Klein (Berlin)

  6. Trauma, Morality & Conformity: American (Super)Heroes After 9/11
    Rüdiger Heinze (Freiburg)

  7. Title-Pages and Frontispieces of Popular Trial Accounts and Newgate Calendars (1600-1870)
    Uwe Böker (Dresden)

  8. Global Gazes at British Literature A Report on the 30th Cambridge Seminar on Contemporary British Literature, 2007
    Eva Ulrike Pirker (Freiburg)

  9. The Faltering Spirit of the Nation in the 1720s:
    Bishop Francis Hare's View upon the Vagaries of Modern Culture
    Fritz-Wilhelm Neumann (Erfurt)