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Seascapes, Littoral Cultures, and Trans-Oceanic Exchanges

February 12 through 15, 2003
Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

Compiled by Debbie Ann Doyle and Brandon Schneider. Format by Chris Hale.

Conference Organizers

Introduction, Abstracts, and Bios


Keynote Speaker

The Organization of Oceanic Empires: The Iberian World in the Habsburg Period
Carla Rahn Phillips, University of Minnesota

Oceans and Empires: 

Defining the Coastline: Eyewitness Testimony and the Mapping of Spain's First American Possessions, 1492-1536
William D. Phillips, Jr., University of Minnesota

Oceans, Migrants, and the Character of Empires: English Colonial Schemes in the Seventeenth Century
Alison Games, Georgetown University

Affinities and Empires: Tales from the Pacific
Matt K. Matsuda, Rutgers University

Laws, Oceans, and Laws of Oceans

Oceans of Law: The Legal Geography of the Seventeenth-Century Seas
Lauren Benton, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University

Lines of Plunder or Crucible of Modernity? Toward a Legal History of the English-Speaking Atlantic, 1660-1825
Eliga H. Gould, University of New Hampshire

Transgressive Exchange: Rewriting Atlantic Law in the Eighteenth-Century Caribbean
Alan L. Karras, University of California at Berkeley

Questions of Ideology and Political Economy

Maritime Ideologies and Ethnic Anomalies: Sea Space and the Structure of Subalternity in the Southeast Asian Littoral
Jennifer L. Gaynor, University of Michigan

"The Ottoman –Discovery" of the Indian Ocean in the Sixteenth Century: The Age of Exploration from an Islamic Perspective
Giancarlo Casale, Harvard University


Keynote Speaker

Littoral Society: The Concept and the Problems
Michael N. Pearson, University of New South Wales

The Port City Environment

"Tavern of the Seas"? The Cape of Good Hope as an Oceanic Crossroads during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Kerry Ward, Rice University

A West African Cosmopolis: Elmina (Ghana) in the Nineteenth-Century
Larry W. Yarak, Texas A&M University

Societies of the Sea

The Business of the Hajj: Seaborne Commerce and the Movement of Peoples
Michael B. Miller, Syracuse University

A Work of Compassion?Dutch Slavery and slave trade in the Indian Ocean in the Seventeenth Century
Markus P. Vink, State University of New York at Fredonia

South Asian Seafarers and Their Worlds, c. 1870s to 1930s
Gopalan Balachandran, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva and the Delhi School of Economics


Marking Water: Piracy and Property in the Pre-Modern West
Emily Sohmer Tai, Queensborough Community College

The Pirate and the Gallows: An Atlantic Theater of Terror and Resistance
Marcus Rediker, University of Pittsburgh

Japanese Pirates and Sea Tenure in the Seto Inland Sea of the Sixteenth Century: A Case Study of the Murakami Kaizoku
Peter David Shapinsky, University of Michigan


Keynote Speaker

Islands in the Making of an Atlantic Oceania, 1400-1800
John R. Gillis, Rutgers University

Oceans and Other Geographical Constructions

The Maritime Logic of Vietnamese History? Hoi An's Trading World, c. 1550-1830
Charles Wheeler, University of California at Irvine

Transformations of East Asian Politics in Maritime East Asia:  A Comparison of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, Taiwan, and Korea, 1600-2000
R. Bin Wong, University of California at Irvine

Democratization, 1789-92 and 1989-92:Global Social Movements and Their Oceanic Connections
Patrick Manning, Northeastern University

Oceans and Identities

The Jews of Nineteenth Century Charleston:  Ethnicity in a Port City
Gemma Louise Romain, University of Southampton

Lascar Sailors and English Converts: The Imperial Port and Islam in Late 19th Century England
Diane Liga Robinson-Dunn, University of Detroit

"That Turbulent Soil: Seafarers, the –Black Atlantic," and the Shaping of Afro-Caribbean Identity
Alan Gregor Cobley, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus

Material Culture: Technological, Cultural, and Biological Exhanges

Vessels of Exchange: The Global Shipwright in the Pacific
Hans Konrad van Tilburg, University of Hawaięi at Manoa

Patrons, Travelers, and Scientific World Voyages, 1750-1850
Harry Liebersohn, University of Illinois

Traffick According to Their Own Caprice:  Trade and Biological Exchange in the Making of the Pacific World, 1766-1825
Wade Graham, University of California at Los Angeles

Copyright Statement

Copyright: © 2003 by the American Historical Association. Compiled by Debbie Ann Doyle and Brandon Schneider. Format by Chris Hale.

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